There are three exciting venues which will show this group in 2022! The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Buckham Gallery in Flint Michigan, and Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs Wyoming.
- 2022 -
- 2021 -
The first showing of "101 Artists" was in January 2021 at Gallery 222 in Malvern The gallery owner, Andrea Strang, generously donated the space and supported the exhibit and its artists with media and staff assistance as well. This amazing gesture by Andrea and her gallery energized and began this entire project! Tremendous thanks. This gallery has an easy way to build your own collection, online! Visit the website.

The second showing of "101 Artists" began in February 2021 at Main Line Art Center in Haverford, PA. The Main Line Art Center is one of the premier cultural institutions of the area and the "101 Artists" are very grateful to be showing in their beautiful galleries! Any support you can give, helps maintain this great asset to the region!

The largest showing of "101 Artists" was from July 9 - October 9th 2021 at The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, in Loretto, PA. SAMA is a great regional museum and the "101 Artists" were thrilled to mount the largest show yet in their galleries- 174 works! Any support you can give SAMA, helps maintain this important asset to the region!

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