Why?... a few thoughts.

In 1942, the German air force was bombing London, every night. The British sent two things to safety in the North: children and art! They emptied the museums and sent them to, especially, a quarry in Wales. What is important to a society? Human history, from the caves of Lascaux, the wall paintings of Pompeii, the cities of ancient Greece, and right up to the current museums in every corner of the world, tells us that art fulfills a basic human need. It is an essential part of our humanity. The events of 2020 have not changed that.

When the lockdown occurred in March, the shock to the art community was substantial, as galleries, museums and art schools closed their doors. This 101 Artists exhibit was organized by artist and art collector, Fred Danziger, partially in response to those closures. These are all works from his personal collection. They have been purchased from a variety of galleries and artists during the past 10 years. They span a wide variety of styles, from abstraction to highly rendered photorealism, from conceptual to perceptual approaches. The media include oil paintings, watercolor, drawings, prints, constructions and sculpture. This exhibit is not about a particular aesthetic, it is about collecting art. It is essentially a traveling museum of contemporary art, and is intended to promote three ideas:

1.To encourage and assist more people to become art collectors, especially those with modest means.
2.To promote and encourage the work of the individual artists in the collection.
3. To put original art out there, doing what art has done since the paleolithic era, i.e. to connect us to each other and the spiritual aspect of life, inform us, and at times, inspire us.

Even if a definition of art is subjective and somewhat ephemeral, when we think of the kind of society we want to live in, most of us want art as a part of that world. The 101 Artists Collection gives established and aspiring collectors insight into the process of building a collection of art. Collecting is an action which not only enriches personal space, but gives encouragement to every artist whose work is acquired, and helps maintain a thriving community of artists, galleries and collectors. In some ways, this exhibit is historical in that it is a response to a unique time in history. Andrea Strang, the owner of Gallery 222, cheered the spirits of well over 100 artists from a dozen states and even Russia, when she hosted the debut of this unusual collection, which is intended to travel to other locations well into 2023. The Main Line Art Center has continued that generous spirit, by hosting the show, beginning in February 2021. Please support your local art centers, museums and galleries. Visitors to this website are also encouraged to visit the links to the individual artist sites, and if possible, lend your support with words, or especially by acquiring work from that artist for your personal collection of fine art!
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