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Fred Danziger:...student work...

..and then I thought I was part of the COBRA group...

"Love Song at 57th and Woodland" 1967 --oil-- 62" x 45"

In April of 1967, Lill, who I met at the Academy, and I got married. I took a job as a night shift, cab driver. One night, I saw a woman at 57th and Woodland, with a group of men swarming around her. Franklin Watkins told me to work from experience, and that is what I was trying to do.
I was very familiar with the COBRA (Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam) artists, because of the Carnegie International exhibitions in Pittsburgh. I loved to work with thick paint. This is the first painting which I managed to get past a jury. It was in a show called "Discovery '67 at the Cheltenham Art Center, just outside the city.
The black background was becoming my trademark.
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