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" Anti-Fire-Arms-Device" 12" x 14" Acrylic 1992

A gun is used to cool things off! see detail below...

Anything which has transparent color, from juji fruits to squirt guns, is prime subject matter! Why this combination of images though? There were tremendous fires burning in Yellowstone Park when I began this piece, so "fire" ( in the sense of Heraclitus ) and "water" (in the sense of Thales) was on my mind.

The other thing is the compelling structure of wooden matches. What a marvel of engineering! You can have instant fire, anywhere you go! The sacred duty of "keeping fire," the torment of Prometheus- and all of this with the cold slender hand of the female manikin, about to squeeze the trigger. Or am I just making this up for myself, and all I really was interested in was the pretty colors?

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