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"Simple Pleasures"

Acrylic 58 x70" 1989

In the midst of an art world where rage and anger are the favored manner of discourse, I wanted to do a painting about something that makes life worth living.

I enjoy baseball, and cooking out in the summertime. Simple enough! Here is the painting. .

This is a "white sunset" at our house. There are times in summer, when the air is clear, that ,as the sun goes down, there is no red coloring in the sky- it just goes from deep ulramarine blue/violet, to a pure white at the horizon. Quite nice to see!

We all like to stare into a fire! John Thornton, a fellow PAFA graduate and colleague at the Art Institute, tells me this is why television is hypnotic to humans. It is the ultimate in security. Fire is being maintained. We are safe from the beasts of the forest!

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