Return to "archive" - "The Light in Rachel's Garden" 52 x 70" 2004-2005 oil on canvas-

In a Gothic cathedral, even a non-believer can be awe-struck by the power of light and form. We all know and feel, it is a transcendent place. In Nature, perhaps we can sense the same thing. Tide pools have that power for me. Rachel Carson writes about them in "The Edge of the Sea." Her science does not unweave the beauty found in the billion rocky aquaria awaiting our discovery. It makes it more profound. This is only one pool. May the kelp and the snails and the exotic lives found there prosper, as God and nature's sacred creations.

An e-mail comment on this piece:
Dear Fred,
How wonderful is life...that is a statement, never a question. We swim in the same pool, separate species. Thank you for scooping up a moment of that and setting it to our eyes. I am happy as a species, hoping to remain as long as God wills.
So you are in an eddy; swirling and broiling...up is down, down is up... as life grabs you, and your love, and tosses you both, floats you into places neither expected to be. God gives strength and resolve, just as you paint, it is so. Good things will continue.
Love, I say, as I stay in the beautiful tree and see butterflies through sunbeams.

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