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"The Quarry" 1992 Acrylic 62" x 78" by Fred Danziger

I was driving along one day, and took a detour down "Quarry Road" near Downingtown, PA. It was Fall, and as I came up a small hill, there was the Grand Canyon! It was actually a local limestone quarry. There were massive piles of crushed stone, and trucks the size of oceanliners, hauling enormous mounds of stone. I made arrangements to go on site and photograph, and eventually produced this painting. My thanks to the people of "General Crushed Stone" for their cooperation...

One of the more amazing aspects of nature is that of the "fractal." This quarry was full of them. Every rock that came out, was practically a twin of the larger rock from where it came, all the way up to the mountain itself.

I tried to include this point in the border images, as well as a small rendering of the pyramids at Giza, and a collection of tools which have at least something to do with stone work.
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