Return to 1996 Archive - "Night Flight" by Fred Danziger 58" x 70" Acrylic 1996

(Above: Early stage)
This painting was the subject of considerable WWW activity. As it took shape on the canvas, I photographed and posted the evolving image onto this location. An international e-mail audience commented and interacted with me, and eventually, that interaction had a significant affect on the final form of the painting.

(Above: about half way finished. note: dime for scale)
These three images give a capsule look at the stages the painting went through.

(Above: The completed work)

Below are some detail images of the painting:

I did this work in my "border images included" style. The images below give detail views of that section...

The idea of flight, transcending, rising, soaring as a means of escaping the bounds of Earth- this is what I wanted to stress. So I added a man with wings strapped to his arms.

The image of Peter Pan struck me at some point. The idea of Captain Hook's ship, commandeered by Peter- flying the children back to London with the help of Tinkerbell's dust seemed a more fitting image to me. The text in the corner says, "...and so they began their long journey home." The other images include a drawing of a paper airplane and diagrams illustrating a concept of navigation, and the concept of "lift" - which enables us to fly...)

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