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"The Autumn of '55"

1986 Acrylic -60" x 72" collection: Aramark Corporation, Philadelphia

This painting is about high school and the 1955 Chevrolet! It is about Bill Mazeroski, Pittsburgh, James Dean and Julie Harris. It marks the point where I stopped using the illusion of "cardboard" figures and switched over to "plywood" figures.

It also is memorable in a unique way for me. The painting of the car itself, was one of the moments of satisfaction that we always hope for. I can clearly remember how easily it appeared on the canvas. It seemed effortless- and so lushious to look at! As I worked on the front grill, I actually had the sensation that my brush was existing in some different dimesion. It seemed as though I could reach INTO the space of the painting, and that the flat world of canvas had disappeared.

I often have times when I get great pleasure from what happens as I work, but this particular event was very unusual.
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