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"Archaic Memory"

1988 Acrylic 60" x 72" by F. Danziger

Collection: The State Museum in Harrisburg, PA

The man in the painting is Ralph Malatesta, a colleague at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, fellow artist, WW2 pilot and a man of dignity, grace and wry humor. The word "gentleman" was invented specifically for Ralph. He was kind enough to pose for this piece. The painting, in my mind is about a generation. The camera on the desk, is a "Brownie" that I stood in front of many times as a child. My mother peered down into the viewfinder to record my first little league game, my first trout, and a 1952 Oldsmobile. It is nostalgic I suppose- but without apology.

The view is from the 8th floor of the Art Institute building in Philadelphia.
Below - detail of the Oldsmobile...

('s a '52 Oldsmobile)
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