These  paintings are examples of work available from the galleries listed. Email /Contact Fred Danziger or call the galleries for further information and links to other available work…
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tide pool garden

“Rachel’s Garden” 2007 oil 52 x 70″

French Creek close up view

“The Passage of Water Over Rocks” 2015 oil 26 x 34 inches

Charles River Rower

“Charles River Rower” 2015 gouache 14 x 25 inches

leaves on pond

“Autumn Pond” 2014 oil 36 x 54 inches

Pittsburgh Three Rivers

“Three Rivers Dawn” 2014 oil 32 x 48 inches

Pittsburgh View

“Pittsburgh July Morning” 2014 Gouache 28 x 39 inches

Woman and Mannequin

“Mannequin” 2013
oil 26 x 34

Knight in Armor “A Knight by the Road” 7 x 5″ acrylic[/caption]

antique cast “The Eternal Promise” 2012 oil on panel 7 x 4″[/caption]