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"Franklin's Funeral Aerial View- 1790 Gouache 15 x 22"($1150.)
American History
The event: There are two paintings in the exhibit which attempt to recreate the funeral. We know from newspaper accounts that at least 20,000 people lined the streets as the funeral procession moved from Independence Hall to where his body was interred, and still remains, at 5th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia. This was requested by the film director to see the funeral,"as if from a hot air balloon." The huge crowds are not in this painting. They were painted on a transparent overlay which is not part of this painting exhibit, but can be seen in the telvision broadcast.
The view was recreated using old maps to determine which areas were still open in 1790. Television Episode: "The Storm": Broadcast originally on Channel 6 ABC in Philadelphia. View at:
History Making Productions Episodes

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